USRES Enhances Valuation Portal For Default, Origination Markets

USRES, a provider of management solutions for real estate assets, has completed a significant enhancement to its Valuation Portal, which is powered by RES.NET.

According to USRES, the solution now provides improved security to borrowers by allowing them to securely pay for appraisals through the portal rather than share credit-card information over the phone.

This enhancement provides loan officers an added option for completing the payment portion of the appraisal ordering process once they order an appraisal through USRES' online ordering system, the company explains.

"Consumers are increasingly cautious and often want to avoid sharing sensitive financial information over the phone," says Keith Guenther, CEO of USRES and RES.NET. "This new feature of the Valuation Portal ensures the timeliness of the transaction while also allowing borrowers to feel comfortable and at ease when ordering an appraisal, as well as throughout the lending process. This payment option also gives our clients added operational controls and oversight."

The Valuation Portal now directs borrowers to a payment-processing page on a secure site, after which they receive an email confirming the receipt of payment. Simultaneously, the loan officer is notified that the transaction is complete, facilitating a more seamless and transparent transaction. USRES' clients can also track the order's status in real time through the portal.


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