Valligent Now Integrated with Veros


Valligent Technologies, offering valuation solutions including AVMs, is now integrated with Veros’ VeroSELECT platform.

As such, mortgage lenders using VeroSELECT now have direct access to Valligent’s Evaluations, property inspections and alternative appraisals.

The companies report that the effort to integrate the two platforms began in March, with an aim to provide a complete solution in collateral valuation and analytics that will enable lenders to cut costs and increase operational efficiency.

As the companies note in a release, the fully digital mortgage requires seamless integrations in order to quickly and accurately value each property appropriately and in a fully compliant manner.

“The lending environment is very competitive, and margins are razor thin,” says Jeremy McCarty, CEO and chief valuation strategist at Valligent. “Fully integrated solutions such as this enable the efficiencies that are fast becoming the future of residential mortgage.”

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