Vuecentric Adds Credit Repair Functionality To MortgageDashboard


Vuecentric Inc., an Austin, Texas-based provider of On-Demand software for mortgage loan origination, has released a new module for use with its MortgageDashboard loan origination system that allows mortgage originators to provide a free credit analysis to borrowers and work with them to solve problems that prevent them from qualifying for a new home loan.

The new functionality is part of the MortgageDashboard Credit Center and is provided by Las Vegas-based Credit Source One.

‘You don't repair credit – you make amendments to it in accordance with the law,’ explains Michael Newman, vice president of marketing for Credit Source One. ‘While credit restoration is 100-percent legal (and necessary, since the vast majority of credit files have inaccuracies in them), consumers who don't work with qualified professionals run the risk of doing more harm to their files than good.’

Credit Source One works with borrowers to reach target FICO scores and then passes the prospect back to the loan officer to complete the loan application, the companies explain. Trained professionals counsel borrowers, making suggestions and then monitoring changes in their credit reports. Throughout the process, both the borrower and the loan officer are provided periodic status updates via a secure online portal.

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