Web/T.I.M.E. Integrates Enhanced Servicing Capabilities

McDonald Computer Corp., a provider of automated servicing technology for the mortgage banking industry, has added enhanced servicing capabilities on its Web/T.I.M.E. system. Users will now have more control over the accessibility of loan information and the ability to log on to the system from virtually anywhere in the world using a secure Virtual Private Network server.

Web/T.I.M.EÂ is a Web-based mortgage loan servicing system offered in a service bureau environment. The technology is a fully integrated, online, real-time mortgage loan investor servicing system and has the ability to process all loan product types. Used in conjunction with myloaninfo, a Web-based mortgage servicing customer service application, Web/T.I.M.E. enables clients to offer their customers the ability to view loan information in real time. Clients can customize the viewable loan information at no additional cost and can change their available options at any time.

‘Many loan servicing technology systems are very limited in how they handle the servicing of various loan products,’ says Jim B. McDonald, founder and president of McDonald Computer Corp. ‘The Web/T.I.M.E. system can easily be tailored to meet the needs of our users, and changes can be made quickly and as needed.’

SOURCE: McDonald Computer Corp.


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