Benedict Group Expands Loan Servicing Software

Elizabeth City, N.C.-based Benedict Group Inc. has added WebLOANS!, a new set of Internet screens and reports, to its loan servicing software.

According to the company, third parties – including borrowers, developers and investors – can now view selected information about their loans. The information made available includes access to loan, billing, property, payment, and other data, and amortization schedules and borrower statements. The new WebLOANS! product includes an optional user interface and a set of Web services that the company's clients can integrate into their company websites.

‘The new WebLOANS! software serves two purposes for our LOANS! For .Net clients’ said Tom Scott, Benedict Group's director of business development. ‘It provides them Internet access for remote users and it introduces them to the technology we're using for a new fully Web-based, loan servicing software product that we'll make available later this year.’


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