Docutech, Origence Integrate Technologies to Enable E-Mortgage


Docutech says it is integrating the Origence mortgage lending platform with Docutech’s ConformX and Solex platforms to allow lenders to generate dynamic loan documents and enable those documents for e-delivery, e-signature and e-closing capabilities.

The Origence platform is an end-to-end system that combines point-of-sale and loan origination system tools that accelerate loan production, reduce process cycle times and decrease costs. In fact, Origence says its platform can reduce loan cycle time by up to 10 days. Through the integration with Docutech, the streamlined workflow for generating, distributing and signing loan documents and disclosures will help lenders continue to reduce costs per loan while expediting the mortgage process.

“Origence stands apart from other LOS and POS platforms in the market today, laser-focused on delivering a digital platform that improves both the lender’s and borrower’s experience, and powers lenders’ business for years to come,” says Roger Hull, president and chief product officer of Origence.  “Integrating with Docutech’s ConformX dynamic document generation and Solex digital mortgage platforms is a strategic alignment to provide the optimal experience for lenders and their customers.”

By bringing digital automation to the mortgage lending process, the Origence platform tackles four common pain points: sub-optimal pull-through rates, decreased productivity, rising costs and increasing borrower demand.

“Origence’s ability to digitize everything from document processing, compliance checks and being more paired with Docutech’s industry-leading doc gen, e-signature and e-closing technology creates a unique and compelling solution for loan origination,” says Amy Brandt, president and CEO of Docutech. “With lenders competing to offer a true digital mortgage to their customers, this integration brings the industry one step closer to delivering an amazing customer experience.”

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