Freddie Mac Offers Multifamily K-Deal MBS Database Tool

Freddie Mac announced that it will offer a free database tool for investors and analysts to monitor its Multifamily K-Deal mortgage-backed securities (MBS) performance and credit quality.

According to the government-sponsored enterprise, the Multifamily Securities Investor Access tool on Freddie Mac's website is designed to increase transparency and save investors time by providing easy access to all post-securitization data from investor reporting packages for the securities underlying the related series of K Certificates.

The tool becomes available on Jan. 17 to anyone who completes a registration process that includes name, phone number, email and company name. The tool's investor access features include information from all master servicers/trustees in the industry-standard Commercial Real Estate Finance Council Investor Reporting Package format, along with preliminary term sheets, offering circular supplements and deal and property level data. The tool will also offer downloadable standard reports and data on more than 1,300 loans, supporting about $22 billion in securities.

‘Investors want transparency and easy access to investment information,’ says David Brickman, senior vice president of Freddie Mac's multifamily business. ‘This new tool should enable anyone to easily track and analyze data for all our K-Deals. We are making all the relevant information on our K-Deals freely accessible on a public website to eliminate the need for investors to go to each trustee or third party to get the standard investor reporting information.’


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