Wipro Gallagher Enhances Its Enterprise Mobile Origination App

Wipro Gallagher Solutions, an end-to-end provider of lending products and services, has released the second version of its Enterprise Mobile Origination app (e-MO), a native iOS lending productivity app designed to enable sales teams in the field to originate mortgage loans from any location.

The updated application now pulls borrower credit in real time using basic data provided by the borrower, which offers the loan officer a more accurate sense of whether or not the borrower will pre-qualify for specific products. This feature allows the mortgage loan officer or broker to act as an advisor to its borrower clients while keeping them engaged throughout the process.

In addition, the solution now offers both a short form application as well as the full 1003 by which the entered data instantly synchronizes with Wipro Gallagher Solutions' NetOxygen loan origination system, providing all the tools to keep sales staff informed and connected to the borrower.

The application also now offers improved customer service tools including the ability to save contact details of a prospective borrower on the iPad using the saved applications functionality. Also, loan officers and brokers can more quickly access a loan from an iPad using the app's new Search Loan tool.

‘The latest version of our elMO application further nurtures leads and helps brokers and loan officers establish rapport with the borrower, allowing the sales team to move the borrower further down the loan process upon first interaction,’ says Teresa Blake, practice director at Wipro Gallagher Solutions, in a release. ‘The flexible elMO tools position loan originators as consultants to their customers and synchronize efforts between the customer-facing sales team and back-office processors, which speeds the transaction process and ensures accurate and efficient communication with the borrower.’


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