Wipro Opus Risk Solutions Hires Kebra Rhedrick as Chief Compliance Counsel


Kebra Rhedrick has joined financial services consulting firm Wipro Opus Risk Solutions as chief compliance counsel.

Rhedrick previously served as in-house counsel for JPMorgan Chase Bank, where she gained extensive experience representing investors and servicers in residential mortgage-backed securities focusing on root cause analysis of non-performing assets.

She was admitted to the New York State Bar in 2003, and developed her expertise in real-estate transactions, financing, land-use, and zoning while in private practice.

Rhedrick is a seasoned manager of diverse teams across the full spectrum of consumer lending regulatory operations and controls. As an industry leader, Rhedrick has also led initiatives to draft policies and procedures for consumer loan default litigation and contracting, advised on audit procedures, remediation, outside counsel selection and conducted law firm oversight.

With 19 years of experience in real estate transactions and financial services high-risk litigation, Rhedrick advises Wipro Opus on practical aspects of the laws and regulations applicable to general business practices, mortgage due diligence reviews, associated reliance, and client contract terms.

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