AppraisalWorks, Mortgage Cadence Integration Helps Lenders with Appraisal Process


AppraisalWorks, a provider of real estate appraisal management technology, has partnered with Mortgage Cadence to allow lenders to consolidate multiple appraisal vendor and order management systems onto the AppraisalWorks platform for centralized management and automation of the complete appraisal management function.

The integration with AppraisalWorks will enable lenders to quickly select the best-fit property valuation model directly within the Mortgage Cadence platform. Lenders benefit from real-time communication, on-demand access to appraisal information, customizable workflows, efficiency and complete transparency throughout the appraisal process.

“Adding the AppraisalWorks solution to the Mortgage Cadence suite of partner integrations will further help lenders accelerate their appraisal modernization efforts and improve their ability to deliver faster, more accurate appraisals,” says Jim Rosen, executive vice president of services at Mortgage Cadence. “This partnership furthers Mortgage Cadence’s commitment to provide access to service providers of choice for lenders on the Mortgage Cadence platform.”

“AppraisalWorks is on a mission to modernize appraisal management. Our partnership and integration with Mortgage Cadence strengthens our commitment to delivering the visibility and control lenders need to achieve exceptional customer service,” comments Ben Wiant, vice president of AppraisalWorks. “By consolidating appraisal vendor and order management on AppraisalWorks, lenders gain greater efficiency, control and agility.”

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