DocMagic Creates Library of ADA-Compliant Mortgage Documents


DocMagic Inc., a provider of loan document generation, regulatory compliance and e-mortgage services, has added Americans with Disabilities Act -compliant mortgage loan documents to its document library, making digital documents accessible to visually impaired users and others with disabilities.

“Much of modern lending technology is designed to give consumers the convenience to access loan documents in the ways that work best for them,” says Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. “It is imperative that our industry remain inclusive of all borrowers and that we design solutions that are accessible to all. By creating ADA-compliant documents, we can continue to ensure that more borrowers are able to easily access, and participate in, the loan process.”

DocMagic’s ADA-compliant loan documents are dynamic, data-driven and designed to automatically identify and index critical document components during the document generation process, the company says. ADA metadata tags are applied to each of these components within the documents. These metadata tags function like HTML code, logically displaying a document’s organizational structure and content hierarchy. The metadata tags include content-level details, descriptive texts, and specific semantic instructions designed to make all text understandable via an advanced text-to-speech engine that accurately translates on-screen information into clear speech through earphones or speakers.

DocMagic says the ADA-compliant documents have been implemented at scale by some of the nation’s largest financial institutions, enabling them to serve more clients and provide a heightened level of customer support.

To comply with the ADA, digital content must be free of barriers that may prevent those with disabilities from accessing information. Mortgage lenders that implement ADA-compliant documents promote equality and accessibility for disabled borrowers nationwide. Additionally, these documents help lenders mitigate legal complaints and resulting fines based on ADA standards.

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