Incenter Mortgage Advisors Taps Andy Beggins as Director, Analytics


Andy Beggins has joined Incenter Mortgage Advisors, a provider of capital markets, trading and advisory services, as director, analytics.

Beggins was previously with Specialized Loan Servicing, where he was most recently vice president, strategic analytics – forecast modeling, pricing, structuring, and business development.

He came to the mortgage industry after an earlier career in analytics for natural gas commodity traders.

In this newly created position, Beggins will manage IMA’s electronic MSR (eMSR) trading platform.

He has deep experience using modeling and analytics to optimize the pricing of co-issue transactions with multiple investors. He also has an extensive background in bulk portfolio trades and MSR Valuations.

“Andy’s experience is especially valuable to our industry right now, as margins compress and aggregators become more competitive to Agency and Ginnie co-issue execution,” says Tom Piercy, managing director, ima and president, national enterprise business development, incenter, in a release. “Our eMSR platform provides sellers real-time insights into multiple investors’ pricing trends. Andy will leverage this capability to achieve best execution for our clients.”

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