MCS Enhances The Vendor Experience

Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), a Tampa, Fla.-based provider of property preservation and inspection services, is restructuring its vendor management division to better work in partnership and accommodate the changing needs of its vendor network.

Changes include a lead generation program, a national supply chain and a new vendor conference. The new division will be headed by vice president Gary Archambault, along with Amanda Sheridan and Elspeth Spransy, who will serve as internal and external directors, respectively.

"We realized that we needed to expand and enhance our vendor management division to better meet – and exceed – the needs of our vendor community," says Allan Martin, CEO of MCS. "They are facing the same challenges as MCS, but without the resources to handle the growth. We have made some strategic changes to enable them to better meet the demands for property preservation work and do their job more effectively and efficiently."

MCS' lead generation program enables the company to provide exceptionally busy vendors with subcontractors to complete work. Through its supply chain, MCS will contract with national organizations to purchase materials at a discounted rate. Vendors can take advantage of bulk pricing – which is particularly attractive to smaller vendors, who will be able to lower the rate they currently pay for those supplies.


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