Non-QM Lender Logan Finance Using OptifiNow TPO CRM


Non-QM lender Logan Finance is using OptifiNow TPO, a CRM platform designed for wholesale lenders, to rapidly scale its wholesale team and quickly roll out mass marketing campaigns to brokers using innovative sales and marketing management tools.

“We are already seeing a positive impact of OptifiNow TPO on our sales and marketing efforts,” says Bobby Love, chief operating officer at Logan Finance, in a release. “We have more than tripled the size of our sales team over the past few months.”

“We needed a way to support this growth and give us visibility into our sales and marketing performance,” Love adds. “OptifiNow TPO provides us with well-designed tools that make the lives of our AEs easy.”

OptifiNow’s robust LOS integrations provide critical data that powers its Automated Account Classification feature, while the RateSheet distributor feature enabled Logan to quickly roll out a mass marketing campaign to the mortgage broker community.

“OptifiNow’s Account Classification feature helps our Account Executives easily identify accounts that need their attention, allowing us to scale our sales process quickly,” Love says. 

“Logan has been growing rapidly and has developed a reputation for certainty and stability during uncertain times, especially when many competitors are shuttering their business. OptifiNow helps our AEs manage their client communications and maintain a consistent delivery of the Logan experience that has earned us the title of ‘The Agency of Non-Agency.’”

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