Plus Platform, ICE Mortgage Technology Integrate Mortgage Systems


Plus Platform, a software provider offering real-time access to mortgage data and loan documents, has integrated its Encompass Investor Connect through ICE Mortgage Technology. Encompass provides one system of record that enables banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders to originate and fund mortgages by improving compliance, loan quality and efficiency.

This new integration into Encompass Investor Connect gives Encompass users the ability to gather all documents and standard data sets (MISMO 3.4/ULAD, ULDD, UCD) and deliver them from Encompass at origination to Plus’s asset management platform. This will enable Encompass lenders to seamlessly and securely transfer loan data to the Plus Platform for immediate post-closing QC and QA reviews, as well as efficiently preparing the reviewed data to the next owner of the loan, ensuring no file or data degradation in the loan transfer process.

“Plus Platform is proud to deliver an automated experience to Encompass customers enabling them to centralize the movement of data and documents onto Plus’s platform to assist with asset management,” says Buck Collins, CEO and co-founder of Plus Platform. “We’re excited to work with ICE Mortgage Technology, given our mutual dedication to modernize the rails of the mortgage market and driving the future of the digital mortgage experience. We look forward to bringing greater transparency and efficiencies to the market through our new integration and future collaboration.”

“I’m excited at how Plus can help drive change across the industry, because it addresses real, long-standing needs,” says Eric Kaplan, a mortgage industry veteran and post-crisis RMBS reform leader. He is also a former Structured Finance Association and MISMO board member  “If stakeholders had the functionality of Plus over the last few mortgage cycles, it would have made a tremendous difference on many levels. I think Plus is poised to make a real impact going forward and that the ICE partnership can help to accelerate that impact.”

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