ShelterZoom Launches Real Estate Offer Platform Powered by Blockchain


Privately held technology startup ShelterZoom recently launched a new, blockchain-based real estate online offer platform, appropriately named ShelterZoom.

The firm claims that this new platform, which is built on Ethereum-based blockchain technology, will revolutionize real estate buying/selling by bringing openness to what has traditionally been a fragmented and opaque process.

ShelterZoom says its “Offer NOW” applet gives Realtors, buyers and sellers unprecedented visibility and transparency via blockchain technology.

“As the online shopping market has matured, consumers have become increasingly willing to purchase high-value items online, and real estate is no exception,” says Amir Allen Alishahi, co-founder and director of ShelterZoom, in a release. “As such, migrating a greater number of real estate offers to the online realm is a logical and natural next step.

“ShelterZoom’s state-of-the-art, highly secure transaction platform will not only facilitate and speed this online migration, it will also offer a competitive advantage to real estate firms and professionals who seek to expand their market horizons and need greater speed, accuracy and transparency in the process,” Alishahi adds.

The Ethereum blockchain technology at the core of ShelterZoom’s digitized offer packages provides the industry’s first solution for generating highly secure and interoperable agreements, the firm claims.

“Blockchain technology is the next frontier for the real estate industry,” says Sandy Krueger, CEO at Staten Island Board of Realtors Inc. “We are looking forward to bringing this exciting capability to our subscribers in the Staten Island Multiple Listing Service, as well as adding a new level of transparency and efficiency to the offer process. This is only the beginning of the transformation of the real estate transaction management process, in a way that addresses the needs of consumers and the professionals who serve them.”

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