The Many Benefits of CRM for Commercial Mortgage Brokers


BLOG VIEW: Nowadays, mortgage brokers, funders and lenders can find tools that help with virtually every need. Whether the priority is generating commercial real estate leads, sales and marketing automation, or loan origination, commercial loan broker software has it covered.

With industry-specified CRM software for commercial mortgage brokers, it gets easier to automate marketing tasks, calculations, tracking, processing, risk management, credit reports, scale up loan operations, and follow-up with every individual.

Commercial mortgage broker CRM software is an engine of productivity that has many benefits, including the following:

Attracts More Borrowers

A commercial mortgage CRM helps turn contacts into clients and build a healthy pipeline for the business. It helps with the following:

  • It helps to control lead sources: The best commercial mortgage broker software is the one that increases lead traffic through powerful built-in marketing tools.  
  • It prevents cold calling: One can apply various filters (address, zip code, location) and get the contacts one needs. In this case, the broker doesn’t call every individual but makes personalized phone calls.  
  • It automates marketing wins: With client-oriented drip campaigns and templates, a CRM system attracts new prospects in a few clicks. Every contact in the database gets personalized newsletters with info about financial options at the right time.  

Helps to Close More Deals

Borrowers and lenders expect a quick response from their mortgage brokers. What follows are a few points on how commercial mortgage broker software helps pick up the pace and close more deals:

  • It reduces the speed of lead distribution: CRM systems for mortgage brokers automatically distributes inquiries to the right specialist so that your team is always ready to deal with a steady flow of incoming requests.  
  • It makes smart lead scoring and prioritization: Advanced CRMs have built-in lead scoring and prioritization features that help a broker to allocate the commercial mortgage leads he/she must focus on. As a result, one can increase the chances of converting leads into clients.   
  • It ensures ongoing communication across all channels: With all messages, emails, marketing campaigns, and phone interactions stored in one central place, mortgage professionals can effortlessly pick up any conversation and analyze it.  

Increases Productivity

Preparing financial documents, qualifying borrowers, or reviewing loan agreements takes time. What follows are points on how a well-optimized commercial mortgage broker CRM boosts productivity within the team:

  • It provides smart automation: A CRM system is a broker’s assistant in automating most repetitive and mundane tasks so the broker can focus on generating new leads and interacting with existing customers and referral networks.  
  • It integrates with third-party tools: Top software for mortgage brokers can be integrated with the tools you need in one’s mortgage business. This integration prevents one from never-ending switching between screens or getting lost in one’s data jungle.  
  • It generates reports: The mortgage business is data-driven, so having real-time business reports in a few clicks is a great benefit. One can create any report – from performance analysis to quarterly summaries.  

Brings More Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the best sources of new customers. What follows are points on how commercial mortgage broker software can help a lender acquire more peer-to-peer referrals:

  • It keeps a broker in touch with past clients: Using a CRM system, a broker can constantly stay in touch with all his/her clients during, and after, the loan process, thus leaving them even more happy with there broker’s service and getting them to talk about your brand.   
  • It automates communication with investors, lenders, borrowers: Everyone values speed, efficiency, and authenticity. If a broker responds quickly and effectively, his/her partners eagerly recommend clients. 
  • It helps one to marry-up clients with capital markets providers. 

Finding the most suitable commercial loan broker software depends on a broker’s granular needs. What works for one broker and its business might not work for another.

Wes Snow is the CEO, co-founder, and president of Ascendix, a provider of CRM tools and CRM consulting. He has been in the commercial real estate domain for more than 15 years and is a frequent guest of podcasts, speaker, and author of articles on technology and commercial mortgage topics.

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