Walker & Dunlop Debuts New Lending Platform


Walker & Dunlop Inc. has launched a new digital lending platform powered by machine learning to grow its small balance multifamily lending business.

“Multifamily investors want a faster and more transparent borrowing experience,” comments Alison Williams, Walker & Dunlop’s senior vice president and chief production officer. “That’s why we asked our data scientists and engineers to automate loan sizing and pricing. We created a more efficient process for investors to review financing options, tailor them to their projects’ needs and monitor the loan process with dramatically more transparency – all through our custom-built technology.”

Walker & Dunlop’s small balance technology platform brings the following advantages, including streamlining lending experience that automatically generates quotes in minutes utilizing predictive algorithms and property cash flows. It also offers greater transparency of loan terms from quote to close.

Walker & Dunlop will continue to accelerate the growth of its small multifamily loan platform by automating underwriting processes, expanding its brand as the premier multifamily lender in the U.S., and combining its best-in-class people with best-in-class technology to deliver the best financing experience to our clients.

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