Black Knight’s McDash Now Offers Loan Level Performance Data For Puerto Rico


Black Knight’s McDash mortgage and home equity database now includes loan-level performance data for loans on single-family properties in Puerto Rico.

High-quality mortgage performance data is critical to assessing loan portfolio risk on the island, where more than 200,000 homes were damaged by Hurricane Maria.

Based on the most recent data, an estimated 84,000 mortgages remain past-due as a result of the storm. More than one-third of all mortgages in Puerto Rico are at least one payment in arrears, while 19% are 90 or more days past due.

Black Knight’s McDash database features mortgage and home equity data on more than 175 million unique loans across the credit spectrum, spanning over three decades of mortgage performance.

Offering the fastest turnaround in the market, McDash provides data 15 days after month-end, the mortgage software, data and analytics firm claims in a release.

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