Mortgage Servicer BSI Financial Services Introduces ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ App

BSI Financial Services, a mortgage-centric financial services company providing mortgage servicing and special servicing, recently released a new mobile app that enables borrowers to manage their mortgage loans using tablet and mobile devices.

The technology was designed and built in-house by BSI Financial software engineers.

“Offering borrowers digital access to their loan information affords them greater choice and control in managing their loan obligations,” says Gagan Sharma, president and CEO of BSI Financial, in a release. “The functionality available in our mobile application satisfies a growing demand for convenience in financial management while providing us a foundation for future innovation,” he added.

Using BSI Financial’s mobile app, borrowers can verify loan payments, view transaction history and identify future payment dates and amounts. They can also make one-time or ongoing loan payments using automated clearing house (ACH) functionality.

Requests for loan verification and pay-off statements can be made using the app, with the option of fax or postal mail delivery.

Borrowers in default can monitor events and milestones in the loss mitigation process and communicate with their BSI Financial representative.

“These real-time capabilities enable us to resolve loans in loss mitigation faster than traditional phone and mail processes,” Sharma says.


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