OpenClose Lenders Can Now Access Cyberlink eRAMP System


OpenClose and Cyberlink Software Solutions have completed an integration aimed at simplifying the registration of loans with MERS.

Cyberlink’s eRAMP MERS Transaction Management solution integration works by taking bulk loans that OpenClose lender customers need to register or transfer with MERS and processing this important task regardless of the number of loans to submit. eRAMP data then updates OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS, which includes registration confirmation dates as well as transfer of rights confirmation dates.

“We continuously look for opportunities to automate redundant tasks. The integration with eRAMP accelerates workflow, reduces errors and frees OpenClose users to work on other tasks,” says Vince Furey, CRO of OpenClose. “We are pleased to introduce eRAMP’s MERS end-to-end transaction processing solution to our customers knowing that it will save them valuable time and money.”

eRAMP has been handling MERS transaction processing since 2003.

“We’re always excited when we deliver new features that save time and reduce costs for our customers,” adds Greg Uttal, president of Cyberlink Software Solutions. “Our goal is to secure additional business and accomplish more with less by way of technology. With the new OpenClose integration, we’re right on target to deliver value to our mutual customers.”

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